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Social Recruiting Talent Acquistion and Recruitment in 2015

Written By onci on Friday, December 23, 2011 | 10:53 AM

  1. Social Recruiting, Employer Branding &Recruitment in 2015Maria TrivellatoSR Recruiter EMEA, AUTODESK© 2011 Autodesk
  2. The World is ChangingRecruitment is changing
  3. The Global War for Talent is real!
  4. Headhunting……at all levels If staff are unhappy they will leave anyway‘I would be more worried if your staff weren’t being headhunted because that says a lot about the quality of your workforce’ Are your staff challenged? Are they well remunerated? Do they have a good work/life balance? Are they working on world class products? Do they have an opportunity for promotion? Are they receiving Training & Development? Are their ideas listened to? If the answer is NO……headhunters prey
  5. Why do we need to change?• The “experienced” Talent pool is shrinking• All industries fight for the same Talent• Talent is Geographically mobile• People are less loyal to their company• Talent is more demanding - Salary is not everything, candidates are cautious and selective on their next employer• Competition are poaching your staff and are offering more → The “search for the best” is getting harder!
  6. Technology is evolving out of our control
  7. Traditional Recruitment ‘Traditional’ everyone can recruit. Low skill. Anyone can do what we do…even HR Professionals ;) - Fax machines - Print advertising (post & pray) - Basic process / transactional recruiting Both these are heavily focused on Active Job SeekersOnline TraditionalRecruitmentSees the move online & utilising tech forrecruitment gain.- Online Job Boards- Online cv SearchesTech moved forward, methodology oftraditional recruitment is dominant, inc onlinepost & pray
  8. Not everyone’s looking.....
  9. Active v Passive SourcingE-Branders/ Passive PoolMarketers/CommunityDJ’s ‘Mass Communication’ (Non active) ActiveRecruitersProcess
  10. Recruitment in the futureThe Core Philosophical underpinnings of Recruitment in the future :• Not everyone is looking• Everyone is a potential candidate or brand ambassador. Even your consumers/clients. ‘We create candidates’• Employment Brand is crucial to your success in Talent Acquisition, ‘We are all marketers now’• The Psychology of People• You are not in control of what people are saying• Building relationships and communities is key…even crucial• Search for Talent globally
  11. Recruitment has reached a new level Recruiters need to work smarter and look to the future !
  12. A new type of Recruiter for 2015• Recruitment in the future is about building engaged communities, telling a story, listening, discussing and fostering an emotional attachment with new talent.• Traditional Recruiters will be a dying breed in the coming months and years and replaced by a new type of Recruiter with a new set of skills: – PR & Messaging – Marketing – Direct Marketing – Market segmentation – Candidate Relationship Management – Sales – Presentation and Communication Skills
  13. External Providers losing ground? Recruitment agencies need to adapt or die In-House: Referral schemes CRM Database Events Web 2.0 Networking YouTube, LinkedIn, Myspace, Facebook Graduate Pipeline Ability of recruiters to ‘sell’ their own company with authenticity
  14. The Core Philosophy of ‘the Future Recruiter’Employment Brand is pivotal to your success in Talent Attraction Recruiting Solutions
  15. Each of these brands willcreate a connection withyou.Question is what?
  16. Recruitment without marketing: Many E-Brands are like this
  17. The goal of a brand is to create emotional attachment Emotion creates a connection which bonds loyalty & trustA emotional relationship is anchored on honest 2 way communication
  18. People want relationships with people…notfaceless companies. Humanising the brand is key
  19. Building a Community is notabout a collection of random individuals from Social Networks imported into a ‘manufactured’ community
  20. Targeting is “Key” – how ?• Content is crucial — Entertaining and interesting — Fun & dynamic — Updated regularly• Humanize the site – steer away from corporate mentality• Essence of time – contribute don’t distribute
  21. How to Build a ‘Corporate Community’ ‘Targeted’ Job Board Advertising Specific ‘Less Targeted’ & Corporate Generic Brand Building Targeted Advertising Sourcing Team: eg Facebook Mapping & Organagramming Community Targeted Job Board e_shots eg Monster Recruitment ATS / Database (Already a Event lists & EventCommunity of its own Social Media : Viadeo, names but Untapped) Facebook ‘Fan Page’; Twitter ‘Followers’, LinkedInTargeted LinkedIn & Discussion Group Members, Traditional Print Mass Viadeo LinkedIn Corporate Page, Market Advertising Communications YouTube Channel ‘Subscribers’, Blog Followers
  22. Create a talent pipeline
  23. Recruitment the next level?Take it there with Autodesk… Recruiting Solutions
  24. Our Aim- Building sustainable communities.- Goal is engagement – current / future / potential candidates- Key is discussion and keeping our communities informed- Humanising our brand – real people behind our software- Create communities that will gain repeat visits- Freedom of speech
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  28. Communities go mobile Recruiting Solutions
  29. Communities go mobile Recruiting Solutions
  30. 31
  31. Our Mobile Philosophy• One of several mediums of communication but the fastest growing and most convenient as people lead busy lives on the move• Why would they go to a careers site or download a mobile app if they are not looking for a job?• How many apps will someone download to their mobile? (Memory Prioritisation. Britney’s latest video or app?)• Content is therefore king; What content will engage and keep people coming back for me? - Social Media aggregation ‘one stop shop’ - Company news - ‘Humanising’ behind the scenes content - Exclusive content - Games? Cartoons? Webinars? Seminars? Competition? Recruiting Solutions
  32. Our Mobile Philosophy – The FutureImagine this……………..(this assumes a ready made volume build engagedcommunity) - An engaged community, hungry for content - Ability to create content for exclusive areas / VIP areas that people happy to pay for - Maybe happy to create fun games or Photos, at 50 cents download - Crowdsourcing of ideas & crowdsourcing of candidates for jobs → Mobile is key in many ways to build & engage those communities on the move. Recruiting Solutions
  33. Autodeskers Mobile app.Simplistic, informative, social, fun exciting, captivating…….
  34. Not just recruitment on the go
  35. Humanising
  36. SocialNetworksEasy links to allourcommunities
  38. LinkedIn Referrals ‘Targeted Crowdsourcing’ Recruiting Solutions
  39. What lies ahead….Recruitment as a Profit Centre...?Depends on Costs Going Down Zero / Minimal Agency Fees Less need for Job board fee postings Combination of  Sourcing & targeting  Building Talent Communities  Crowdsourcing of Candidates = Predictable talent pipeline Less need for in house recruiters Utilise value in Community, i.e.  Engaging Content  Premium Content  Exclusive Access Areas  Games / repeat visit tools
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